Become a Champion for Kids with Family Focus

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Becoming a Champion for Kids is a convenient and affordable way to give a significant gift over the course of a year. As a monthly donor, you are maximizing your impact. This sustainable support provides Family Focus with a consistent and reliable source of funding.

Monthly donations allow us to plan strategically and operate at a lower administrative cost. This means more of your donation goes directly towards strengthening families. Together the gifts have a huge impact in the lives of the children and families we serve.

How it works

When you become a monthly donor, Family Focus will automatically receive your determined donation amount each month. For tax purposes, you will receive an acknowledgement letter for your records in January with the cumulative total of the previous year’s donations. Your credit card bill will also serve as a record of your monthly donation.

You can increase or decrease your monthly donations at any time by notifying Family Focus 30 days before your next payment. Your monthly donation amount will not increase without your consent.