Mission, Vision, Values


Family Focus invests in strengthening families and their children in Chicago and NE Illinois so they build social capital and achieve upward economic mobility through high-quality innovative programs and services, grounded in anti-racism and social justice.


Families and children in and with their communities, maximizes their full potential and live fulfilling, healthy and meaningful lives.


Family Support Principles Unite Us

The principles tell us how to systemically respond and engage in the communities that we serve. These principles guide staff and support children, their families, and communities.

See, Hear and Care for Each Other

Every Family Focus team member is critical to delivering our mission. We are committed to honoring and respecting each person by recognizing their strengths and unique contributions. Together, through relationship and appreciation, we can accomplish our organizational goals.

Excellence in All We Do

We commit to deliver the highest quality programs and services that are informed and enriched by data, staff expertise, and the experiences of the families we serve. We encourage continuous learning, so each person reaches their desired potential.

Antiracism and Social Justice Center Us

We honor and affirm the richness of our diversity, by asserting our common goal of equity, inclusion and belonging, and live our guiding principles of antiracism and social justice. Everything we do is deeply rooted in the guiding principles of antiracism and social justice.

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