Family Focus programs aim to support families as they build social capital and achieve upward economic mobility. However, with our nation built on a system that does not honor everyone equally, we recognize that our work cannot exist without also fighting for social justice and equality for all. Because of this, Family Focus added advocacy to our values.

Family Focus will drive education and advocacy opportunities in the areas of Early Childhood, Youth Development, and Family Support, key program streams that we deliver in several communities. Advocacy will be directed toward issues that our community and participants face on a daily basis which include economic asset development, housing, health access and equity, public safety, immigrant supports, and overall racial equity.

Additionally, Family Focus is a thought partner that supports statewide, local, and county collaboratives and partnerships that lift the strengths and needs of our communities and will lead to policy and practice changes that support overall community development.

Our Policy Platform is still in its early stages but we are excited to introduce it very soon.

If you are interested in learning more about our Advocacy work please contact Mariana Osoria, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Engagement, at

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