Breaking Records for a Brighter Future: Evanston Benefit Wrapup

This past years Family Focus Evanston Gala, which was a star on our annual calendar, was nothing short of spectacular! Held right in the heart of the community we cherish, the event saw an amazing turnout, buzzing with the energy of our dedicated supporters. Our Evanston Center’s Auxiliary Board, a dynamic team of volunteers, outdid themselves in organizing yet another unforgettable evening. They’ve been the gala’s guiding stars for more than 30 years, and this year, they led us to our most successful Evanston Gala fundraiser yet!

The Gala isn’t just a fundraising event; it is a celebration of the community’s spirit and serves as an opportunity to honor members of our programs, and organizations who have been our pillars of Family Focus.

Dereka Ross, an entrepreneur and Family Focus alumna (pictured above left), took the stage and captured everyone’s heart. Growing up in our programs and now watching her youngest daughter follow in her footsteps, Dereka is a living testament to the lasting impact of our programs and the power of our Evanston community. She credits much of her success and her role as a community leader to the guidance and support she received from Ms. JoAnn Avery at Family Focus. Talk about coming full circle!