Participant Spotlight: Shirley McCann

We are thrilled to share what one South Shore mom thinks!

Dear Phyllis:

I would like to start off thanking you and the Family Focus team for everything you do! I have been a parent with this team since my daughter was a baby back in 2014, which without a doubt made me enroll my son years later. My son Dominic  is a current student with Family Focus and been with this team since 2018 starting in the infant room at 6 months and is now 5 years old. My son learned so much from this center and I am very grateful. I love all the staff! I love the environment, the education they provide, the open communication for everything, the love and care they have for all students. I love how the center incorporates many ways for parents to be active, involved, and supportive at the center. I love the support and resources offered by the center. The center is always clean and well kept! I just love this center and would recommend any and every one to bring their children there if looking for a daycare home.


Shirley McCann

Mother of Dominic & Martha

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The names of the parent and children are pseudonyms.