Why We Are A Leader

We partner with families to create long-term change:

We work with families from a position of equality and respect. We partner with families to help them access the tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient. By participating in their own success, families make gains and achievements sustainable over time, impacting multiple generations.

We work with parents as people, not cases:

Families express their concerns and hopes and work toward their goals in a welcoming, caring environment. Staff work with families in the context of their cultural heritage, assisting them on an individual basis.

We offer vibrant community centers:

Using a holistic approach, families can receive comprehensive care and services at a single, convenient location. Our resource centers are a vibrant part of the community, where families are provided the knowledge to support and advocate for their children. In communities where access to services and transportation is limited, centers attract collaborative partners to meet the needs of our families.

The 9 Principles We Live By

Everything we do – every program, every service, every interaction with a parent or child – is grounded in the following 8 principles, which promote respect for individual families and cultures and a commitment to working with – not for – families to achieve their goals.

  1. We partner with families through relationships based on equality and respect.
  2. We enhance each families' capacity to support the growth and development of all of their family members.
  3. We believe that families are resources for their own members, to other families, for programs, and for communities.
  4. We affirm and strengthen each family’s cultural, racial, and linguistic identities and enhance each family’s ability to function in a multicultural society.
  5. We are embedded in communities and contribute to the community-building process.
  6. We advocate with families for services and systems that are fair, responsive, and accountable to the families we serve.
  7. We work with families to mobilize formal and informal resources to support family development.
  8. We are flexible and continually responsive to emerging family and community issues.
  9. These principles of family support are modeled in all Program activities, including planning, governance, and administration.