Family Focus Program Champion

For those interested in specific programs that impact our centers, consider funding one of the following key initiatives:


Help level the “learning field” across socio-economic boundaries by funding the Art for All program.  Research shows that when exposed to the arts, a child’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are strengthened, adding to overall academic achievement and school success. At Family Focus, we incorporate art into our programs and centers because we want our kids to have the best possible start in life — and early arts education is an important part of those efforts. For more information, click here


Your support in providing education and services to parents during the early years significantly contributes to positive, healthy, child-rearing practices, prevention of abuse and neglect, and success in school. Family Focus provides programs that strengthen parental knowledge and skills, and reduce isolation. This initiative includes home visiting to ensure children are reaching development benchmarks, parental support groups and an early literacy initiative to promote a love of reading in young children. For more information, click here


Help children prepare for academic success by supporting our Educational Excellence program.  Family Focus operates Community Schools and 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) in 40 Chicago Public Schools in Chicago and surrounding communities. The communities and schools selected for these sites are in areas marked by high poverty rates, community violence, lack of community-based resources, high immigrant populations, and low-performing schools.  Family Focus provides tutoring and homework help, leadership training, career and academic planning, robotics clubs, chess clubs and more to children in these communities — helping children succeed.


Help men become better role models and support systems for their children by funding the Fatherhood Initiative.  At Family Focus, we are bringing together formerly incarcerated men, teens, grandfathers, and uncles all of whom share the same desire — to become better role models and support systems for their children. Our evidence-based curriculum and support groups provide a unique environment for men to talk with other men in similar situations, about their feelings of anger and frustration. Our skilled staff helps these men utilize positive coping skills to relate with their children, mothers of their children and family members.  Increasing knowledge of their role as parents and child development leads to better interactions with their children, reduces neglect, and the use of corporal punishment. For more information, click here


At Family Focus, we understand access to healthcare is a critical issue for families living in Chicago’s low-income areas, where access to transportation can be an issue.  We also understand that health interventions for young children will not work unless their parents are given the opportunity to change their attitudes and behaviors too. So we have developed a 12-week workshop for parents of young children, addressing proper nutrition, structured/unstructured play, oral hygiene, emotional health and obesity prevention. Our parents learn about portion control, choosing fresh foods, how to read food labels, take field trips to grocery stores and participate in diabetic and other healthy cooking classes. This workshop increases their knowledge of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma, as well as how they can prevent or manage these conditions through healthy activity and proper nutrition. Fitness classes such as Zumba, line dancing, ballet and stepping are available through our centers and provide the fitness component. For more information, click here


Help teen parents achieve academic success and be good parents by funding the Teen Pregnancy Initiative.  At Family Focus, our programs focus on both the teen parent and the child — so each can reach their full potential.  For teen parents (ages 12-19), we offer support before and after the baby is born, with our goal to keep them in school. At our Evanston center, we work with the local high school bringing teachers and curriculum into our center so teen parents can continue their studies.  Once the baby is born, we provide onsite childcare until the baby is two months old and the mother returns to high school.  Because they have continued their academic studies, they can graduate on time and support their child.  At all centers, teens receive home visits to ensure that the mother is receiving proper medical care and that the baby is developing appropriately. Support groups for both teen mothers and fathers help new parents feel less isolated, understand how their babies develop, and learn about reproductive health to prevent a second pregnancy. For more information, click here


Give kids a safe place to be after school and in the summer by funding the Violence Prevention Initiative.  In Family Focus centers throughout Chicago and Evanston, we provide center-based summer camps to keep hundreds of children safe, active and learning all summer long.  These camps operate all day and provide much needed childcare for local working parents. We hire teens from the local community as camp counselors, enabling them to obtain work experience and serve as positive role models and mentors to the younger children.

During the school year, we provide afterschool programming for children ages 6-14, at our Aurora, Evanston, Highland Park/Highwood and Lawndale centers. These programs provide positive alternatives to premature sexual activity, early parenthood, school dropout, and gang involvement by educating youth about their personal responsibilities and boundaries. Programming focuses around academic success, exposure to the arts, and mental health services for children under six who have been exposed to violence, and their families.
For more information, click here


Help legal permanent residents obtain the appropriate support and legal services they need to become United States citizens and strong leaders in their communities by funding the Welcoming New Citizens program.  At Family Focus, we believe that building strong, cohesive families and keeping them together is best for children, families and communities. We help legal permanent residents obtain the appropriate legal services they need to become United States citizens.  Our bi-lingual citizenship classes walk immigrants through the complicated application process to become a U.S. citizen, and even provide child care so their parents can attend the class.  We also help young people, who are eligible, apply for deferred action so they can work and contribute to their communities.  Also offered in our Aurora, Highland Park and Nuestra Familia centers are English and GED (General Educational Development) classes, which prepare participants for the high school equivalency exam. For more information, click here

Family Focus Program Champion Benefits

  • Team Building Opportunities — a special day or group volunteer project just for your organization.  Opportunities can include food drives, clothing drives, toy drives, painting projects or cleaning projects. Others ideas include mock interviews, speed networking and helping participants with resumes and cover letters.
  • Board Seat on Center Board — board service is a great way to develop the skills of your emerging leaders. We will reserve a seat on your center board for the employee of your choice.
  • Individual Volunteer Opportunities – great for those employees who want further involvement. Reading to young children, help with homework, teach a computer or exercise class, help write a newsletter or assist with center events.
  • Listing on Our Website as a Fund-A-Program Partner
  • Listing in Publications – Annual Report, story about your company in our newsletter.
  • Use of Official Family Focus Program Champion Title – use to help publicize your good work in the community.